About Us

Riverina Helicopters provide a complete aerial service including experienced pilots and ground support personnel.

We operate Robinson R44 and Bell 206 Jetranger helicopters. The R44s seat the pilot and three passengers while the Jetranger can seat 4 passengers. The helicopters have an approximate fuel endurance of 2 hours 35 minutes or 500 km.

Our helicopters are equipped with UHF & VHF radios, emergency locater beacons, survival and first aid kits.

Spot Tracks real time satellite tracking is installed to provide the location of the helicopters at all times.

Riverina Helicopters has been accredited under the Aerial Agricultural Association of Australia’s (AAAA) Aerial Improvement Management System (AIMS) program. AIMS is an externally audited Safety Management System tailored to Aerial Operations.

Continued review of AIMS, our Company Operations Manual and WH&S procedures ensures a safe and compliant workplace.

Ground support vehicles comply with NSW Dangerous Goods Regulations for carriage of fuel and are able to carry 3000 litres of water for spraying operations.


Riverina Helicopters services include:


Watch us in action here:

Robinson Helicopter Promo

Helicopter Spraying by Rekkas Productions

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