Spraying is the backbone of our business. We work with irrigated and broad acre crops, including rice, cotton, canola, wheat, barley, almonds, walnuts, grapes, onions, corn and pasture.

We are Aerial Application Association of Australia (AAAA) Spraysafe accredited.

Helicopters offer a precise and specialised application of chemical with rotor downwash that disturbs the crop canopy allowing deep penetration of droplets for uniform coverage.

The helicopters manoeuvrability ensures that we have proven success in weed control on channels, contour banks and spot spraying. In hill country the helicopter is ideal for serrated tussock, blackberries and thistles. On-site loading from our purpose equipped mixing vehicles ensure a quick turnaround.

Our spray systems are capable of:

  • application rates 5 L/ha – 100 L/ha
  • swath widths from 3m to 20m
  • GPS marking systems ensure accurate and efficient application of chemical

For rice we developed the SCWIIRT (Soluble Chemical Water Injection In Rice Technique) method of applying chemical to the flooded fields. SCWIIRT is the injection of chemical into the water through a solid stream nozzle. These nozzles point back producing a solid stream with very coarse droplets minimising drift potential. This results in accurate and even coverage to all rice bays.

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